Sahchari Foundation Hosts Coffee Morning Preview for Design One 2012 : A Fundraising Extravaganza.

Sahchari Foundation, an all womens trust  that organizes special events that chanellises funds for deserving charitable institutions, hosts the “Design One” shopping extravaganza every year.

Though literally translated as ‘women walking together’, Sahachari is much more than that: it stands for upliftment, altruism, societal responsibility, and, above all, for empowerment.   “Retail activism” is taken to new heights at Sahachari Foundation’s Design One (DO) exhibition, which activates social change through the shopping experience.  The motivation behind the initiative is to raise funds for deserving NGOs and recognize the extraordinary creativity of talented designers.

This year “Design One” is being held at the World Trade Centre. A Coffee Morning Preview was hosted yesterday by the members of the Sahchari Foundation, for select guests to view and shop from amongst the latest in festive fashions, lifestyle products, kidswear, home accessories and even pet products!!

Seen shopping at this extravaganza were Neerja Birla, Shabana Azmi, Amrita Puri with mum Smiley, Madhoo Shah, Aneesa Dhody Mehta, Tanaaz Doshi, Dilshad Khambata, Nisha Jamwval, Namita Saraf, Aarti Surendranath, Sangeeta Assomull,Seema Mehrohtra,  Anish Trivedi, Champa Doshi, Ananya Goenka, Deveika Bhojwani, Kaushika Hemdev, Kiran Datwani, Monami Roy, Namita Kuruvilla, Neena Gupta, Nayantara Thacker, Mala Hemnani, Pratima Bhatia, Pooja Advani, Kalpana Shah, Shibani Agarwal, Sunaina Puri,Tina Tahiliani, Swati Shah, Anushka Rajan, Laila Mallya, Priya Ailawadi and Vita Dani amongst many many more of Mumbai’s stylish divas

Participants, busy at their bustling stalls included Atsu Sekhose, Masaba Gupta, Madhu Shah (Satish Shahs wife), Shalini Shahani, Mayank & Shraddha, Laila Motwane etc. Present to welcome guests were Gauri Pohoomul, Bijal Meswani, Nilima & Amrita Kilachand, Brinda Khatau, Karuna Rajan,  Parul Choksey, Sheila Bhogilal and other ladies of the Sahchari Foundation.

 A full-on festive expo, the Design One shopping extravaganza offers  a holistic and personalized shopping experience all under one roof, and features a combination of carefully selected established and budding designers. Shoppers are invited to choose from designer ensembles, along with an eclectic mix of jewellery, bags and shoes in a glittering festive display that one can’t buy in any store, anywhere in the country.

 This year, seven out-of town top-ranking designers will take centre-stage, including Shivan & Narresh, Aneeth Arora, Ranji Kelkar, Atsu Sekhose,  Pankaj & Nidhi.

Monami Roy, Bijal Meswani, Saumya Roy
Coffee Morning at Design One by Sahchari Foundation
Shabana Azmi
Gauri Pohoomul, Aashika
Amrita Kilachand Bijal Meswani
Masaba Gupta, Neena Gupta
Coffee Morning at Design One by Sahchari Foundation
Mayank Anand, Shraddha Nigam
Shalini Shahani, Priya Ailawadi
Coffee Morning at Design One by Sahchari Foundation
Aneesa Dhody, Farah Mawji
Tanaaz Doshi
Shabana Azmi
Sarayu Doshi, Kalpana Shah
Pratima Bhatia, Amrita Kilachand
Masaba Gupta
Coffee Morning at Design One by Sahchari Foundation
Gauri Pohoomul, Neerja Birla
Sangeeta Assomull
Pratima Bhatia
Pooja Advani
Nisha Jamvwal
Kaushika Hemdev
Neerja Birla
Nayantara Thacker
Namita Kuruvilla
Karuna, Anushka Rajan
Mala Hemnani
Deveika Bhojwani
Madhu Shah
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